Direct Billing Info

It's Simple, Convenient and makes massage therapy more Affordable and Accessible to all

These are the steps to register for Direct Billing:

  1. Book your appointment 3-5 days in advance [Book Now]
  2. Call or e-mail us to tell us you would like to use our Direct Billing Service
  3. Provide us with your insurance information and consents in the health history form emailed to you.

We confirm your coverage and eligibility for direct billing.

You enjoy your massage therapy treatment and only pay for any amount not covered by your insurance!

This is a courtesy service we offer our patients. Direct billing may not be available for appointments booked with less than 72hrs notice. Not all plans allow direct billing by the therapist. Patients are always responsible for any amount their insurer does not pay. Some plans may require an annual doctor's note before claims can be processed.